The Outsourcing Lever

Affiliate Program

Earn 90% Commission On Everything You Sell

How It Works

When you send someone your referral link and they buy any Outsourcing Lever products, we pay you 90% of the revenue we receive from that person...

Here's a sample scenario


Someone clicks on your referral link and buys The Outsourcing Lever book. 90% commission on $7 free shipping = $6.30 in earnings for you.


The same person buys a $49 upsell. 90% commission on $49 = $44.10 in earnings for you.


The same person buys a $499 upsell. 90% commissin on $499 = $449 in earnings to you!


Total earnings from this person for you is $6.30 + $44.10 + 449 = $499.40!

How Do I Get Paid

We'll send you the money via Paypal

We pay every month on the last day of the month, for the earnings of the previous month. You need to have earned $100 before we pay.

Say for example

In March your friend buys Outsourcing Lever. You get 90% commission. We'll pay you on April 30th.
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